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Preenbank pedigree led the female trade and joined Seawell Salers to lead the pedigree bull prices. There was an overall sale clearance of 85% where seven bulls sold to a top of 4,000gns and an average of £3720. 29, pedigree females sold to a top of 2,600gns and an average of £1842.93 and one commercial heifer sold for £1400.

The pre-sale show, sponsored by Tithebarn Ltd and Caleb Roberts Insurance Services Ltd, was judged by Mr Eurig James, Cardi-Gan Salers, Lledrod, Ceredigion. Eurig tapped out C B Farms, Green’s Park Radcliffe a Seawell Lionheart son out of Seawell Effie as his senior champion and overall champion.

Standing reserve senior champion and reserve overall champion was Angus and Kerry Gowthorpe’s Approach Farm Reese, a Seawell Lithium sired son out of homebred Approach Farm Nutella born in March-2021. He sold for 3,800gns to pedigree breeders T T Jones & Son, Glyn Farm, Llanidloes, Powys.


The Gowthorpe’s also sold second place prize winner Approach Farm Rum, another Seawell Lithium son out of Approach Farm Hooch to pedigree breeders P A Huxtable, Barnstable, Devon for 3,000gns. The junior championship title was awarded to J F Robinson & Sons’ February-2022 born Preenbank Oggy-Oggy son, Preenbank Stallion out of Preenbank Lady Zena, who was purchased by D W Evans, Llanbedr, Gwynedd for 3,000gns. Standing reserve junior champion was his stablemate and half brother Preenbank Stephano, out of Preenbank Iona who had bred the Welshpool May-2022 7,000gns champion. Pedigree breeders T H & M E Jones, Welshpool Powys spotted 3rd prize Preenbank Orsino son, Preenbank Rodrigo for their Plascoch herd of pedigree salers and paid 4,000gns for the February-2021 born bull,

while H E Bartley, Spon Green Farm, Buckley secured, 2nd prize, Preenbank Rhino, a Preenbank Oggy-Oggy son out of Preenbank Ismina for the same money.

P M & S M Donger also realised 4,000gns for Seawell Rodrigo, sired by imported Norbert, out of Seawell Ossett he went to the home of J E Morris, Oswestry, Shropshire.

T J & L S Roberts sold Onley Royal Poll, by Cumbrian Royal, out of the RWAS 2017 reserve female champion Onley Lala for 3,000gns to the Rogers family from Haverfordwest for their Cleddau and Tanybryn pedigree herds of Salers.

J F Robinson & Sons, Preenbank Pedigree, was also awarded the best pen of Salers and best pen of commercial Salers.

Seven Salers bulls sold to a top price of 4,000gns and an average of £3720.

There was only one commercial female forward from J F Robinson & Sons, which was purchased by pedigree breeders C Lloyd, Newtown, Powys for £1400.

One commercial female sold to a top price of £1400 and an average of £1400.

Leading the pedigree female trade was February-2021 born Preenbank Rosie and her bull calf at foot who was purchased for 2,600gns by pedigree breeder P J Abel, Cwmbelan, Llanidloes, Powys. She joined the Belan herd alongside two other Preenbank females, Preenbank Sherry at 1,750gns and Preenbank Selma at 1,700gns, they were both Preenbank Oggy-Oggy sired daughters. Six consignments forward from Simon Hill, Luchabolsh Salers, Tyringham, Bucks. Caught the eye of Mr Abel,  Luchabolsh Honduras, a Seawell Magic daughter out of the Livingston’s bred Oaklands Karmel was secured at 1,900gns and two Seawell Magic daughters, Luchabolsh Hungary and Luchabolsch Honey alongside two Seawell Miracle daughters, Luchabolsh Hollyhock and Luchabolsh Hipster were purchased for 1,750gns a piece. Mr Abel also added Luchabolsh Hudson to his herd at 1,500gns.

Alun Thomas, Tyn Hendre, Bangor, on behalf of his grandson Ossian, paid 2,400gns, the second highest female price of the day, for Preenbank Samantha a Cleuchhead Pedro daughter out of Preenbank Pamela. Lora-Jên Pritchard, Llangybi, Gwynedd also selected a Cleuchhead Pedro daughter for her Nebo herd of pedigree Salers. She purchased Preenbank Stella out of Preenbank Paloma, born in March-2022 for 2,100gns. Mike Evans, Ebnal Salers, Oswestry, Shropshire purchased two females at 1,950gns, Preenbank Scilla and Preenbank Sonya both sired by Cleuchhead Pedro and he also took home a Seawell Kincaid daughter Luchabolsh Genevivie born in March-2021 for 1,450gns. J B Morris, Presteigne, Powys added Luchabolsh Genoa for 2,000gns and Luchabolsch Glendale at 1,700gns to his Litton herd of pedigree Salers, while G Griffiths, Cenmaes Bay, Anglesey selected, Luchabolsh Guatemale, a Seawell Magic daughter for 2,200gns, Luchabolsh Hermioni a Seawell Miracle sired daughter at 1,550gns and paid 1,200gns for Luchabolsh Houdini for her Parys herd of pedigree Salers. E J W & M E Griffiths, Ithon pedigree Salers purchased three of Simon Hill’s lots starting with Luchabolsh Hill at 1,800gns, Luchabolsh Hawaii at 1,200gns and finally the Seawell Miracle sired Luchabolsh Haiti at 1,350gns. Chris Lloyd, Coed-Y-Dinas Salers bought Luchabolsh Hibiscus out of Oaklands Jeanette for 1,950gns and commercial farmers D L Williams & Son, Tonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan paid 1,200gns for Luchabolsh Hysterical and Luchabolsh Hilary, 1,550gns and 1,750gns respectively for Luchabolsh Holly and Luchabolsh Heather and parted with 1,650gns for Luchabolsh Halo and 1,900gns for the Seawell Magic sired Luchbolsh Hic cup out of Luchabolsch Endeavour born in April-2022.

29 pedigree females sold to a top price of 2,600gns and an average of £1842.93

Show Results

Senior bull class born on or before 28 February 2021
1st – Greens Park Radcliffe, C B Farms
2nd– Approach Farm Rum, A & K Gowthorpe
3rd – Preenbank Rodrigo, J F Robinson & Sons
4th – Onley Royal Poll, T J & L S Roberts
5th – Seawell Rodrigo, P M & S M Donger

Senior bull class born between 1 March 2021 & 30 April 2021

1st – Approach Farm Reese, A & K Gowthorpe
2nd– Preenbank Rhino, J F Robinson & Sons
3rd – Rigel Robocop Poll, Rigel Pedigree
4th – Seawell Roulette, P M & S M Donger
5th – Seawell Riverdance, P M & S M Donger

Senior champion
Greens Park Radcliffe, C B Farms

Reserve senior champion
Approach Farm Reese, A & K Gowthorpe

Junior bull class born in 2022
1st & Junior champion – Preenbank Stallion, J F Robinson & Sons
2nd & Reserve junior champion – Preenbank Stephano, J F Robinson & Sons

Overall champion
Greens Park Radcliffe, C B Farms

Reserve overall champion
Approach Farm Reese, A & K Gowthorpe

Best pen of Salers
Pens 101– J F Robinson & Sons

Best pen of production Salers
Pens 105– J F Robinson & Sons

Commercial Females

101Bulling heifer£1,400C LloydNewtown Powys

Pedigree Females

LotNamePrice (gns)Price (£)BuyerAddress
102Preenbank Sherry17501837.5P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
103Preenbank Selma17001785P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
104Preenbank Stella21002205L J PritchardPwllheli, Gwynedd
105Preenbank Samantha24002520A & A ThomasTal-y-bont, Bangor
106Preenbank Sonya19502047.5M EvansOswestry, Shropshire
107Preenbank Scilla19502047.5M EvansOswestry, Shropshire
108Preenbank Rosie26002730P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
110Luchabolsh Guatemala22002310G GriffithsCenmaes Bay, Anglesey
111Luchabolsh Genoa20002100J B MorrisPresteigne, Powys
112Luchabolsh Genevive14501522.5M EvansOswestry, Shropshire
113Luchabolsh Glendale17001785J B MorrisPresteigne, Powys
114Luchabolsh Hill18001890E J W GriffithsLlandrindod Wells, Powys
115Luchabolsh Hawaii12001260E J W GriffithsLlandrindod Wells, Powys
116Luchabolsh Hungary17501837.5P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
117Luchabolsh Haiti13501417.5E J W GriffithsLlandrindod Wells, Powys
118Luchabolsh Honduras19001995P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
119Luchabolsh Honey17501837.5P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
120Luchabolsh Hysterical14501522.5D L Williams & SonTonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan
121Luchabolsh Hilary13501417.5D L Williams & SonTonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan
122Luchabolsh Hudson15001575P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
123Luchabolsh Hibiscus19502047.5C LloydNewtown, Powys
124Luchabolsh Holly15501627.5D L Williams & SonTonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan
125Luchabolsh Heather17501837.5D L Williams & SonTonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan
126Luchabolsh Hollyhock17501837.5P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
128Luchabolsh Halo16501732.5D L Williams & SonTonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan
129Luchabolsh Hermioni15501627.5G GriffithsCenmaes Bay, Anglesey
131Luchabolsh Houdini12001260G GriffithsCenmaes Bay, Anglesey
132Luchabolsh Hipster17501837.5P J AbelLlanidloes, Powys
133Luchabolsh Hic cup19001995D L Williams & SonTonyrefail, Mid Glamorgan

Pedigree Bulls

LotNamePrice (gns)Price (£)BuyerAddress
137Onley Royal Poll30003150A D RogersHaycastle, Haverfordwest
138Preenbank Rodrigo40004200TH & M JonesWelshpool, Powys
139Approach Farm Rum30003150P A HuxtableBarnstable, Devon
140Seawell Rodrigo40004200J E MorrisOswestry, Shropshire
141Approach Farm Reese38003990T T JonesLlanidloes, Powys
142Preenbank Rhino40004200H E BartleySpon Green Farm, Buckley
149Preenbank Stallion30003150D W EvansLlanbedr, Gwynedd

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