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Mr Glen Welsh, farm manager at Garpel Farms was given the honour of judging the strong line up of Salers at Balmoral Show 2023. Glen no stranger to the show ring, both as a judge and at the end of the halter, runs 1500 Blackface ewes and 70 predominantly Salers cross Galloway cows over the farm which extends to over 6,500 acres of mostly hill ground. He found his overall champion (Highways Hotel Cup) in the female champion (The Secretary’s Salver), Drumlegagh Monique and her heifer calf at foot, from J & E A Elliott. Monique a Fanfan sired, September-2017 born daughter out of Drumlegagh Eve had stood first in the cow class, won the Wallets Marts Shield for the best home-bred animal and formed part of the winning pairs team (Salers Cattle Society Cup) alongside Drumlegagh Suri, a Loyal sired January 2022 son out of Drumlegagh Missy. Suri earlier in the day had stood reserve male champion and was awarded the junior male championship title for bulls born on or after the 1 January 2022.

Standing reserve overall champion (Highways Hotel Cup) was the reserve female champion, Lisnamaul Princess with her bull calf at foot from Lisnamaul Salers, Downpatrick, Co Down. Princess was a Nemo sired March-2020 heifer out of Lisnamaul Molly.

P J Maginn & Sons were also awarded the male championship title for Lisnamaul Rio a December-2021 born Nemo son out of the imported French cow Opaline.

In the junior section, the overall junior championship to win the Francis Connon Cup was the junior female champion (Salers Cattle Society Area 4 Cup) from Seamus and Christine Connell, Ballykeel Sensational ET, a Mathieu sired heifer out of imported dam, Indiana, born in March-2022.

Brian and Pearse O’Kane won the reserve junior female champion prize with Lower Bolie Spice Girl, a Bacardi Herbie daughter out of Lower Bolie Ophra and the reserve junior male champion was bred in exactly the same way as the overall junior champion from Ballykeel Salers with, Ballykeel Shotgun born in May-2022.

The best turned out animal was presented to B & P O’Kane for Lower Bolie Roxy, by Manor Lane Krypton out of Lower Bolie Nancy and the coveted stockman’s shield was awarded to Declan Ward who formed part of the Lower Bolie team throughout the show. 

A special prize from the Society was awarded to Sophie Wilson who assisted Geoff Wilson show the Brookfields Salers team throughout the day, Sophie won the honour of leading the Salers breed and holding the Salers banner in the grand parade on Saturday.

The Society would like to congratulate all the exhibitors for a fantastic display of cattle.

604        COW, born on or before 31st December 2019, in calf or in milk                
1st          253        J.& E. A. Elliott                  UK965184321755             Drumlegagh Monique               07/09/2017
2nd        254        P.J. Maginn & Sons          UK937106128767             Lisnamaul Orlena               18/03/2019

605        COW or HEIFER, born in 2020, in calf or in milk                
1st          255        P.J. Maginn & Sons          UK937106129154             Lisnamaul Princess               07/03/2020
2nd        259        J.& E. A. Elliott                  UK965184323527             Drumlegagh Petal               21/09/2020
3rd         256        Mr. G. & Mrs R. Wilson   UK927295702282             Brookfields Persia               30/03/2020
4th         257        C & A Kennedy                  UK910276910186             Drumaglea Patsy               17/04/2020

606        HEIFER,  born or on after 1st January 2021, and on or before 30th June 2021
1st          260        Brian & Pearse O’Kane    UK952186803143             Lower Bolie Roxy               23/01/2021
2nd        262        P.J. Maginn & Sons          UK937106129633             Lisnamaul Ruby                18/02/2021
3rd         264        Mr. G. & Mrs R. Wilson   UK927295702584             Brookfields Ruthie               03/04/2021
4th         263        P.J. Maginn & Sons          UK937106129655             Lisnamaul Razzle               20/02/2021
5th         261        Mr.S. Connell                    UK942009604422             Ballykeel Rosebud               02/02/2021

608        HEIFER, born on or after 1st January 2022.                                                      

1st          270        Mr.S. Connell                    UK942009604643             Ballykeel Sensational ET               25/03/2022
2nd        268        Brian & Pearse O’Kane    UK952186803386             Lower Bolie Spice girl               05/02/2022
3rd         267        Brian & Pearse O’Kane    UK952186803375             Lower Bolie Sophia ET               15/01/2022
4th         272        C & A Kennedy                  UK910276910282             Mileview Sunshine               14/05/2022

609        BULL, up to 2 years old on day of Show
1st          274        P.J. Maginn & Sons          UK937106130215             Lisnamaul Rio                   17/12/2021
2nd        275        J.& E. A. Elliott                  UK965184324135             Drumlegagh Suri               07/01/2022
3rd         276        Mr.S. Connell                    UK942009604724             Ballykeel Shotgun               19/05/2022

Overall Champion (Highways Hotel Cup)

Drumlegagh Monique, J & E A Elliott 

Reserve Overall Champion (Highways Hotel Cup)
Lisnamaul Princess, Lisnamaul Salers 

Female Champion (Secretary’s Salver)

Drumlegagh Monique, J & E A Elliott 

Reserve Female Champion

Lisnamaul Princess, Lisnamaul Salers 

Male Champion

Lisnamaul Rio, Lisnamaul Salers 

Reserve Male Champion

Drumlegagh Suri, J & E A Elliott

Junior Female Champion

Ballykeel Sensational ET, Ballykeel Salers

Reserve Junior Female Champion

Lower Bolie Spice Shire

Junior Male Champion

Drumlegagh Suri

Reserve Junior Male Champion

Ballykeel Shotgun, Ballykeel Salers

Junior Champion

Ballykeel Sensational ET, Ballykeel Salers

Reserve Junior Champion

Drumlegagh Suri, J & E A Elliott

Best Homebred Animal (Wallets Marts Shield)

Drumlegagh Monique, J & E A Elliott

Pairs (Salers Cattle Society Cup)

J & E A Elliott, Drumlegagh Salers 

Best Turned Out

Lower Bolie Roxy, B & P O’Kane, Lower Bolie Salers 

Stockman’s Shield

Mr Declan Ward, representing Lower Bolie Salers

Honour of leading the Grand Parade for the Salers Breed

Miss Sophie Wilson, Brookfields Salers


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Salers Cattle Society of the UK
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T: 07903 626249


VAT Reg No: 625 3266 49

Registered Address: Lane Farm , Milnthorpe, LA7 7NH
T: 01539 567804
Company Reg No: 01892440 Charity No: 1115115