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Official form to confirm the official herd health declaration at the time of the sale.
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I certify that the above information is correct at date of entry. The animal/s have been individually screened for BVD virus, to identify PI’s (only applicable if not BVD Accredited) and my herd is Johnes monitored risk level 1-4. All sale animals entered are BVD vaccinated and from a Johnes monitored herd risk level 1-4. I allow the Breed Society/Auctioneer to verify the details above with my CHeCS Health Scheme Provider if applicable. Disclaimer: The above information is supplied by the vendor and the Auctioneer/Breed Society is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Failure to complete and return this declaration with the entries may result in the animals not being accepted for the sale. NB: ALL CATTLE ENTERED AND PRESENTED FOR SOCIETY SALES MUST BE FROM VENDORS WHO ARE MEMBERS OF A CHeCS HEALTH SCHEME, AND WHO COMPLY WITH THE CURRENT SOCIETY RULING FOR BVD FREE SALES, HAVE ESTABLISHED THEIR JOHNES HERD STATUS AND ARE ACTIVELY MONITORING AND CULLING DISEASED ANIMALS FROM THE HERD (Non-accredited herds that have been individually tested declare to attach a copy of veterinary certificate results.)

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Breed Journal

Our 2020 Breed Journal is now available to view online.

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2023 Bull Calves

The year letter for bull calves registered in 2023 is "T"

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