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Tim Roberts was given the honour of judging a tremendous show of Salers at the Great Yorkshire Show 2022. Tim and his wife Lara tenant farm about 700 acres in East Herefordshire where they calve about 100 cows and lamb about 600 ewes.  They currently have about 30 pedigree Salers and use AI and homebred stock bulls. Tim said, “we keep Salers because of their tremendous production and ease of calving” he added, “they are also nice to look at!”.

Tim found his overall champion in the female champion, Bacardi Miss Moneypenny a 2017 born Gulliver sired cow with December born heifer calf at foot, Bacardi Rhea.

Overall & Female Champion

Bacardi Salers owned by father and son team, Roy and Adam Crockett from the Scottish Borders also brought out the reserve overall champion, male champion and junior champion, Bacardi Rodney bred the same way as the overall champion being sired by Gulliver and out of Cleuchhead Delilah 3rd.

Standing reserve in the male championship was Kaimburn Ronaldo from Edgerston Trading (20026) Ltd, a march 2021 born son by Bacardi Ladysman out of Oaklands impulse.

The reserve female champion also from Bacardi Salers was Bacardi Pearl a January 2020 senior heifer by Seawell Kitemark and out of the imported dam Lorette.

The senior bull class was won by Rigel Pedigree with March 2020 born Rigel Pemberley Poll who won the Arthur Beevers Cup for the best polled animal. In the junior section Bacardi Rodney was once again in the championship spotlight and standing reserve was Kaimburn Rosie a March 2021 heifer by Bacardi Ladysman and out of Oaklands Oakslands Iona.

CLASS 106 BULL, born before 1 January 2021 (1 Entry)                                

1st          828        Rigel Pedigree    Rigel Pemberley Poll       18/03/2020

CLASS 107 BULL, born on or after 1 January 2021 (11 Entries)                                   

1st          830        Roy & Adam Crockett     Bacardi Rodney 14/04/2021

2nd        831        Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd      Kaimburn Ronaldo           08/03/2021

3rd         838        Gill & Malcolm Pye          Rednock Romeo               05/04/2021

4th         833        Angus Gowthorpe            Approach Farm R2-D2    19/02/2021

5th         829        C.B. Farms           Green’s Park Raleigh       01/02/2021

6th         837        Rigel Pedigree    Rigel Rockstar    15/04/2021

7th         836        Rigel Pedigree    Rigel Regent Poll              06/04/2021

8th         839        Farmstock Genetics         Cumbrian Rambo Poll     14/05/2021

CLASS 108 COW, born on or before 31 December 2019, in milk or in calf (7 Entries)                        

1st          840        Roy & Adam Crockett     Bacardi Miss Moneypenny            03/04/2017

2nd        841        Bertrand Facon  Ombrelle             09/12/2017

3rd         842        Carolyn Fox        Manor Lane Mischief      01/03/2017

4th         843        Angus Gowthorpe            Approach Farm Mary      01/03/2017

CLASS 109 HEIFER, born on or after 1 January 2020 (5 Entries)                                 

1st          848        Roy & Adam Crockett     Bacardi Pearl      20/01/2020

2nd        849        Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd      Kaimburn Precious          13/03/2020

3rd         851        Gill & Malcolm Pye          Rednock Diana   14/07/2020

4th         850        Carolyn Fox        Manor Lane Pandora      17/02/2020

CLASS 110 HEIFER, born on or after 1 January 2021 (8 Entries)                                 

1st          853        Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd      Kaimburn Rosie 19/03/2021

2nd        858        Greg & Lewis Ralston      Jedforest Roxy   24/03/2021

3rd         852        C.B. Farms           Green’s Park Rita             19/02/2021

4th         854        Bertrand Facon  Gentons Royale 19/01/2021

5th         857        Gill & Malcolm Pye          Rednock Clemmy             02/04/2021

6th         856        Angus Gowthorpe            Approach Farm Rosie     02/02/2021

7th         859        Farmstock Genetics         Cumbrian Hyacinth 1240 Poll      02/06/2021

8th         852a      C.B. Farms           Green’s Park Rina            14/02/2021

CLASS 111 Group of Three

1st           Kaimburn Salers

2nd          Rednock Salers

3rd          Approach Farm Salers

CLASS 112 Pairs

1st           Bacardi Salers

2nd          Kaimburn Salers

3rd          Rednock Salers

4th          Approach Farm Salers

5th          Rigel Pedigree

Male Champion (Watson Trophy)

830 Bacardi Rodney  

Reserve Male Champion

831 Kaimburn Ronaldo  

Female Champion (Bents Farm Trophy)

840 Bacardi Miss Moneypenny

Reserve Female Champion

848 Bacardi Pearl 

Junior Champion (Junior Champions Cup)

830 Bacardi Rodney  

Reserve Junior Champion ( Dennis White Cup)

853 Kaimburn Rosie

Overall Champion (Rigel Cordelia Cup)

840 Bacardi Miss Moneypenny 

Reserve Overall Champion (KW Alternative Farm Feeds Cup)

830 Bacardi Rodney  

Best Polled Animal (Arthur Beevers Cup)

828 Rigel Pemberley Poll 

Pairs (Jock Watson Trophy)

Bacardi Salers 

Group of Three (I’Ansons Trophy)

Kaimburn Salers 

Stockmans Shield

Miss Bronwyn Gowthorpe


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T: 07903 626249
VAT Reg No: 625 3266 49

Registered Address: Lane Farm 
T: 01539 567804
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Salers Cattle Society of the UK
Pepperwell, Castle Farm, Methven, PH1 3SU
T: 07903 626249


VAT Reg No: 625 3266 49

Registered Address: Lane Farm , Milnthorpe, LA7 7NH
T: 01539 567804
Company Reg No: 01892440 Charity No: 1115115