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The much-anticipated return of the Royal Highland Show did not disappoint, the weather was kind, the ringside was full, and Mr Glen Welsh was given the difficult task of judging the Salers classes.

Glen, the farm manager at Garpel Farms for over 10 years, a farm covering over 6,500 acres of mostly hill ground with a cattle enterprise consisting of seventy predominantly Salers cross Galloway cows, with one or two pedigrees. A Salers bull is used to produce replacements and the rest are put to a Charolais. Glen has worked with Salers for twenty years, with the first 10 years spent showing and selling bulls in Castle Douglas, Stirling, and Welshpool, and latterly in the last 10 years, as a hill producer of suckler calves.

Judge – Mr Glen Welsh

He found his overall champion in the overall female champion, Kaimburn Precious from Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd, brought out by the Ralston family, Neil, Fiona, Greg, and Lewis. Kaimburn Precious was a Cuil Marvin daughter out of Kaimburn Madonna, born on 13 March 2020.

Overall Champion, Female Champion – Kaimburn Precious

In the junior female section Rednock Estates triumphed with Rednock Diana, a Drumaglea Kes daughter out of Rednock Diaz, Diana was crowned junior female champion and later reserve overall junior champion. Lewis Ralston from Jedforest Livestock stood as reserve female junior champion with his homebred Cuil Marvin sired heifer, Jedforest Roxy out of Seamore Nicole Kidman, born on 24 March 2021.

Junior Champion and Junior Female Champion – Rednock Diana brought out by Alfie MacGregor who won the stockman trophy.
Reserve Junior Female Champion – Jedforest Roxy

The reserve female champion and reserve overall champion was Bacardi Miss Moneypenny with her heifer calf at foot Bacardi Rhea. Miss Moneypenny was born on 3rd April 2017 and out of Cleuchhead Delilah 3rd and sired by the 2013 RHS Champion, imported bull, Gulliver.

Reserve Overall Champion and Reserve Female Champion – Bacardi Miss Moneypenny

From the same herd, Mr Glen Welsh found his junior male champion, male champion, and overall junior champion in Bacardi Rodney from Roy & Adam Crockett. Bacardi Rodney was bred the same way as the reserve overall champion being sired by Gulliver and out of Cleuchhead Delilah 3rd.

Male Champion, Junior Champion and Junior Male Champion – Bacardi Rodney

Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd also won the reserve junior male championship and stood as reserve male champion with Kaimburn Ronaldo, a Bacardi Ladysman sired bull out of Oaklands impulse.

Reserve Junior Male Champion and Reserve Male Champion – Kaimburn Ronaldo

The pairs competition was won by Kaimburn with the overall champion Kaimburn Precious and the reserve male champion Kaimburn Ronaldo. Cleuchhead took second spot in the pairs with Cleuchhead Rockefeller and Cleuchhead Ranger but took the spotlight in the group of three, winning with Cleuchhead Mhairi 1130, Cleuchead Rockefeller and Cleuchhead Ranger.

In most judging scenarios the star of the show is generally the animal, the champion, but equally impressive on show day and indeed for the whole Royal Highland Show was, Lewis Ralston a young enthusiastic breeder who under his own ‘jedforest’ prefix brought out the reserve junior female champion, Jedforest Roxy, as well as the Champion for Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd and went on to win the 12-14 year old beef young handler section, the overall beef young handler competition and then took the Royal Highland Show Overall Young Handler title on Sunday 26 June 2022.  

2022 RHS Overall Young Handler – Lewis Ralston

The Society would like to congratulate Lewis and all the Ralston family for such a tremendous achievement at the show, as well as congratulate and thank all the Salers exhibitors for a magnificent line-up of Salers cattle.

303 FEMALE born on or after 1 April 2021

1st – 3046 – Rednock Estate, Rednock Clemmy 02 April 2021

2nd – 3047 – Farmstock Genetics, Cumbrian Hyacinth 1240 Poll, 02 June 2021

304 FEMALE born on or between 24th June 2020 and 31st March 2021

1st – 3048 – Rednock Estate, Rednock Diana,14 July 2020

2nd – 3053 – G & L Ralston, Jedforest Roxy, 24 March 2021

3rd –  3052 – Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd, Kaimburn Rosie, 19 March 2021

4th –  3051 – Bertie Facon, Gentons Royale, 19 January 2021

305 FEMALE born on/after 1st January 2019 and before 24th June 2020

1st –  3056 – Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd, Kaimburn Precious, 13 March 2020

2nd – 3055 – R & A Crockett , Bacardi Pearl, 20 January 2020

306 FEMALE born before 1st January 2019

1st – 3058 – R & A Crockett, Bacardi Miss Moneypenny, 03 April 2017

2nd – 3059 – Rednock Estate, Rednock America, 03 August 2017

3rd – 3057 – Livesey Farming, Cleuchhead Mhairi 1130, 20 March 2016

4th – 3060 – Bertie Facon, Ombrelle, 09 December 2017

5th – 3061 – Livesey Farming, Cleauchhead Mhairi 1308, 28 March 2018

307 BULL born after 31st March 2021

1st – 3063 – R & A Crockett, Bacardi Rodney, 14 April 2021

2nd – 3062 – Rednock Estate, Rednock Rab, 07 April 2021

3rd – 3064 – Livesey Farming, Cleuchhead Rockefeller, 17 April 2021

4th – 3065 – Farmstock Genetics, Cumbrian Rambo Poll, 14 May 2021

308 BULL born between 24th June 2020 and 31st March 2021

1st – 3067 – Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd, Kaimburn Ronaldo, 08 March 2021

2nd – 3068 – Livesey Farming, Cleuchhead Ranger, 20 March 2021

Show Champion (SP14 & 16)Swardsman Perpetual TrophyKaimburn Precious Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd
Reserve Show Champion (SP15)The Salers Bell  Bacardi Miss Moneypenny R & A Crockett
Champion Female (SP4)QET Perpetual Trophy  Kaimburn Precious Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd
Reserve Female Champion (SP5) Bacardi Miss Moneypenny R & A Crockett
Bull & Junior Champion (SP12)
Rumenco Perpetual Trophy  Bacardi Rodney R & A Crockett
Junior Female Champion (SP1,2 &13)The Lochdougan TrophyRednock Diana Rednock Estates
Reserve Junior Female (SP3) Jedforest Roxy G & L Ralston
Junior Male Champion (SP6, 7 & 9)The Cuil Claret Jug  Bacardi Rodney R & A Crockett
Reserve Junior Male Champion (SP8 & 10) Kaimburn Ronaldo Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd
Stockmans CupPlaque  Iain Alfie McGregor  
Best Pair of Animals (SP17)Wallets Marts 2018Kaimburn Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd
Best Group of Animals (SP18)Dingwall & Highland MartsCleuchhead Livesey Farming

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VAT Reg No: 625 3266 49

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T: 01539 567804
Company Reg No: 01892440 Charity No: 1115115