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Here you will find a selection of  Salers stock for sale. If you would like toadvetise please contact the Society office directly via email:

Only members can advertise ‘Stock For Sale’, please note these animals are advertised privately and sales are negotiated solely between the vendor and purchaser. The stock advertised on this website is NOT subject to the same strict sale regulations that apply to official Salers Cattle Society sales run in conjunction with an auction market. All statements in the catalogue and on the for-sale pages along with the correct identification of the animals are the entire responsibility of the Vendors.

The Salers Cattle Society of the UK  takes no responsibility for the correctness of such statements or identities.

All stock is sold subject to private negotiation between the vendor and the purchaser. In as much as the Society acts on behalf of the Members, the Salers Cattle Society of the UK shall not be considered responsible for any default on the part of either purchasers or vendors and the remedy shall be against them only and not against the Salers Cattle Society of the UK.

Member Map

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Breed Journal

Our 2020 Breed Journal is now available to view online.

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2021 Bull Calves

The year letter for bull calves registered in 2021 is "R"

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